Saturday, April 4, 2009

QuickFreedom - The Untethered 2G Jailbreak


Here is the Jailbreak for the Second Generation iPod Touch: Untethered! (For XP + Vista)
It is simple to Jailbreak you iPod with QuickFreedom. This tutorial is very detailed and not for everyone. If you are even remotely computer savvy then it will be a breeze. QuickFreedom does a good job of explaining everything. If you still don’t know how to, here you go:

1. Click Here to download the installer.

2. Double click the installer now located in your download folder

3. Install QuickFreedom by clicking next through the installer.

4. Open QuickFreedom (looks like the image above).

5. Click Jailbreak.

  • The next page will check to see if LIBUSB has been installed. If it has then you should see a green check, if it has not then click the install button to the right.
  • The Same applies for the the Original Firmware 2.2.1. If you don’t have the firmware already installed click Download. Then Browse to find it in your download folder.

8. Once both have been installed click Next.

9. Check Install Installer (recommended). Check Use Custom Boot Logo (if you want a custom boot logo).

  • Once Checked, a window should open asking you what type of boot logo you want. You can also use your own custom boot logo here as well.

10. Click Create Firmware.

  • Takes about 5 minutes depending on your specs.
  • A window should pop up saying, “Your ipsw has been completed and patched successfuly”.
  • Click OK
  • You should also see that you now have a new Custom Firmware.ipsw on your desktop.

11. Click Next.

12. Connect your iPod to the computer and put your iPod into DFU mode.

  • If you don’t know how, follow the instructions by clicking DFU Instructions.
  • After doing so the log should state, ” iPod Connected in DFU Mode, Press Start-Prejailbreak“.
  • If for any reason it says, “iPod not found” just unplug your iPod and plug it back in.

13. Press Start Pre-Jailbreak.

  • Your iPod should Turn White.
  • A window should pop up saying, ” iPod successfully put into Pre-Jailbreak Mode. Now restore your custom firmware in iTunes. This file is located on your desktop“.
  • Click OK.

14. Click Next.

15. It will tell you how to restore you custom firmware. Do this by:

  • Opening iTunes.
  • Hold Shift & click Restore.
  • A browse window will open.
  • In the browse window, find the Custom Firmware.ipsw located on your desktop. Click it.
  • Click Open.

16. Your iPod will now restore.

17. After this a iTunes window will open telling you it has been restored and that it is now restarting.

18. iTunes will now ask you to setup the iPod.

19. You have now Jailbroken your iPod Touch Second Generation!

20. Congrats!!!